After writing the article on whether the an iPhone version of the TV catch-up service 4oD will be released, I emailed Channel 4 to get their statement on the issue. They did get back to me, however they gave me quite a vague, standard reply as follows:

Thank you for your email regarding 4oD.

We are currently considering various options to make 4oD available to non-Windows users, however, unfortunately we cannot say when the 4oD service will be available to users of other platforms.

Thank you for your comments. We at Channel 4 are always looking to improve our service and you  feedback is greatly appreciated.

I can understand that Channel 4 must get a lot of emails requesting information on whether 4oD will get released on Mac formats, so I was expecting a response like this. I will email another department of Channel 4 to see whether I can get more information.

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