4oD for iphone

4oD for iphone

I have to say, the Apple iPhone is a brilliant piece of kit, I never thought that I would use it for so many different things.  Apart from working, I have dramatically stopped using my laptop as much as I previously did thanks to the iPhone having a great browser, video, and music capabilities.


One thing I use the iPhone for a lot is the BBC iPlayer.  I never got round to watching iPlayer on my laptop, but with the iPhone I can watch BBC programmer wherever I am, be it the kitchen, sitting room, bed, garden etc!  

One thing that I am disappointed with so far is that Channel 4 have not made 4oD available on the iPhone.  BBC have made a specific version of the iPlayer especially for iPhone which works a treat, but Channel 4 have so far not made anything like this.

Also, Channel 4 have not released any plans to  release an iPhone version of the 4oD player as of yet.  I’ve made it my self interest now to keep on track of any news on a 4oD player for the iPhone, and I will write to Channel 4 to see if I can gather any more info.  

In case someone at Channel 4 reads this, then please write if you want an iPhone version of 4oD in the comments below.

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