Do you ever find yourself sending yourself emails to remind yourself of things to do or check?  I frequently find myself sending myself an email, which I leave as unread and ‘flagged’ or ‘starred’ so that I will come back at a later date (usually a few days later) and read the email. is a web service that allows you to send yourself emails which can delivered at anytime in the future.  You can use Futureme just for a laugh, for organisation, or to store information that you do not want to have access to til a later date.

Here are my top four uses for Futureme.

  • Send yourself an email reminding you to do or check something.
  • Send yourself an email that will be interesting to read in say a couple of  years.  Write about how your life is going, how you are feeling, what you expect yourself to being doing in a couple of years etc.
  • Send yourself a future present!  Maybe buy an online gift voucher code and send it to yourself.  Some random morning you will get this email which will definitely brighten up your day.  Just be sure to check the gift voucher code’s expiry date.
  • Send yourself information that you don’t want to have access to until a particular time in the future.  For example you may want to store away a pin-code for a bank account so that you don’t spend the money contained within.

Let me know if you have used Futureme, or have any good ideas of how to use it.

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