Morgan’s Stockmans Draught is the kit I used for my first ever homebrew beer.  I added 1kg of brewing sugar, and used the lager yeast supplied with the kit.

I left the beer to ferment for 14 days – this was not intentional, ideally I would have bottled it earlier.  When being bottled into plastic 750ml bottles, I added brewing sugar to prime, and the fizz of the beer is just right.

I tried the beer 14 days after being bottled, and it tasted great.  Slightly thin in body, refreshing and nutty in taste, Stockman’s Draught is much more of a flavoursome lager than than most commerical lagers, almost 30% ale and 70% lager tasting.

I am now leaving the bottles to mature, after which I will jot down my full tasting notes.

3 comments on “Homebrew beer #1 : Morgan’s Stockmans Draught

  • V useful info thx. How did the Stockmans Draught eventually taste after conditioning? Did it remind you of any brand? What could improve it? Cheers N.

  • Hi Nigel,

    It tasted really good once it was brewed, however I think you want to leave it for as long as possible to mature.

    The taste of the final beer reminded me something like Tetleys or Boddingtons, with more nutty notes, and with a nice finish – similar to something like Old Speckled Hen.

    IF you try it let me know how you get on!

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