Last FM is a social networking service that tracks the music you play from your computer and posts it your profile for you and others to see.

This allows your friends to see what kind of music you are enjoying at the moment, as well as what is your most played tracks and artists.  Friends that also have a Last FM can recommend music to you, and send you messages just like on Facebook or Myspace.

What’s cool with Last FM is that you can display customised charts on your own website, blog, Myspace/Facebook profile, so that others can see your music tastes without having to go to your Last FM profile.  You can see I have a couple of these over on the right there…

Last FM is also a great way to find new music, especially through looking at people’s profiles who have similar tastes to you, something that Last FM can arrange for you.

So without preaching Last FM too much, I’m gonna leave it at that and hope you go try it out if you haven’t already.  If you want to add me, my user name is wilyam

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