This morning I was feeling a little worse for wear after a heavy night on the booze.  I went to the local shop to buy the Sunday papers, and saw some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups which I just had to buy. On returning home, a toast and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups marriage was made.… Read More has gone through a feew design changes in the past couple of months… First of all I made a blog style template that was simple to read, familer, and good for Adsense adverts.  Then I thought I should make all thie articles on the site more accessable by using ‘Featured boxes’ around the homepage.… Read More

So, I use Spotify a lot while browsing in Firefox.  It’s great that Spotify can scrobbble listens to Last FM, and it’s great that Firefox can allow to control the browser by using Foxytunes.  But…. I am looking for a Firefox add-on that allows me to control the ‘Love Track’ function from within the browser. … Read More

Mozilla Firefox’s Add-on ‘FoxyTunes‘ now supports the streaming music application ‘Spotify’. Foxytunes allows you to add a customisable toolbar into Firefox which allows you to control your media player from within the browser.  Foxytunes will also display the track currently being played, and show (optionally) show artwork and links to the artists website. Foxytunes is… Read More

Man I love KFC chicken… I probably have it twice or so a year, and even then it feels like that’s too much for my arteries.  So to my delight, KFC have thought about putting on some healthier options and have unveiled Kentucky Grilled Chicken in the US. Check out the KGC here As you… Read More

Not long ago I posted that I wasn’t ranking #1 for my own name.  This was mainly due to a site with the domain being established for a few years, and Google has the tendancy to rank sites with the keyword as it’s domain very well.    I just checked today and I… Read More

CSS3 is looking great – lots of new features including rounded corners, but Internet Explorer is not supporting CSS3 so it’s pretty tricky to think were it will be useful right now. Anyway, I came across an awesome JS resource that allows for CSS rounded corners on the fly with or without borders. Good… Read More

The latest version of WordPress (2.7) is out and ready to be installed, something that I will be doing very soon.  I have used the new version on other blogs and I must say I am very impressed so far, there are some awesome new features that will help you spend more time writing posts… Read More

Channel 4 have not been in contact after I have sent three emails to various people asking for more details on 4od coming to the Apple iPhone. 4od is Channel 4’s ‘catch up’ service that is available on the web and through digital TV services.  However, unlike the awesome BBC iPlayer, 4od is not accessible… Read More