I’ve had an iPhone for about three months now, and I can definitely say it’s the best gadget I’ve ever had and would never go back to any other mobile phone. What interests me is how Apple have made some major flaws with the iPhone, and don’t appear bothered about fixing them.  No multimedia messaging,… Read More

It’s quite likely that text will be the most frequently appearing element on a website, so it’s important that you think carefully about the design of it.  When designing a website, a common habit is to choose a familiar font and styling and concentrate more on the elements around the text, such as placeholders and… Read More

Google are currently giving away Adwords vouchers worth £30 for use with a new Adwords account. Using Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click (PPC) scheme that allows you to advertise your website on Google search results or on other keyword related websites, and you only pay for each advert when they are clicked. If… Read More

After writing the article on whether the an iPhone version of the TV catch-up service 4oD will be released, I emailed Channel 4 to get their statement on the issue. They did get back to me, however they gave me quite a vague, standard reply as follows: Thank you for your email regarding 4oD. We… Read More

  I have to say, the Apple iPhone is a brilliant piece of kit, I never thought that I would use it for so many different things.  Apart from working, I have dramatically stopped using my laptop as much as I previously did thanks to the iPhone having a great browser, video, and music capabilities.… Read More

If you have a personal blog or web page, you find it useful to link to any social media profiles that you have so that your readers can find you across other realms of the web. Well if your blog or web page is built in WordPress then an easy way to link to your… Read More

What a game! Tottenham played Dinamo Zagreb at the Lane last night, and frankly the players oozed confidence and flair, and really look like a new team compared to two weeks ago. Our midfield was quite clearly the star of the show, stopping Dinamo Zagreb from playing their game, and linking Bent up to score… Read More

Last night I was lucky enough to try Badger’s seasonal bottled beer, Pumpkin Ale (4.6 ABV). Badger Pumpkin ale contains hints of roast pumpkin, cloves and peat, and is only available for limited time. On tasting, Pumpkin Ale definitely does have a delicate aroma and taste of pumpkin which is spiced up with cinnamon, coriander,… Read More

Well I’ve been meaning to write a post about the whirlwind week at Tottenham for a while now, but every time I went to there seemed to be some new news!  So before the weekend game against Liverpool, I thought I’d write about everything that has gone on in the past week. Hail Harry! –… Read More