When building a website it is easy to get caught up in the coding and styling side and forget the basics that make a good website work well.  Here I give you part one of my checklist to follow before you put a site live. Common sense page names – For good Search Engine Optimisation… Read More

Okay so you know it’s bad when the BBC Football website have a small section dedicated on the front-page to one team, and unfortunately in this case it’s Tottenham’s turn (see image). So after the awful defeat at Stoke, it looks like it’s going to be in a roller-coaster couple of weeks ahead for Tottenham… Read More

So here we are! I got an iPhone at the weekend and downloaded the WordPress app which allows you to post to a WordPress blog with almost full functionality. The iPhone keyboard is pretty good once you start getting used to it, and means you can keep your blog updated from almost anywhere that has… Read More

Okay so I know people consider their wedding ceremony as one of the most important things in their life, and it would be wrong to laugh at any misfortune that happens on that day… But this is just so funny….… Read More

Last FM is a social networking service that tracks the music you play from your computer and posts it your profile for you and others to see. This allows your friends to see what kind of music you are enjoying at the moment, as well as what is your most played tracks and artists.  Friends… Read More

Do you ever find yourself sending yourself emails to remind yourself of things to do or check?  I frequently find myself sending myself an email, which I leave as unread and ‘flagged’ or ‘starred’ so that I will come back at a later date (usually a few days later) and read the email. Futureme.org is… Read More

Stockport legend Mr Scruff has released a brand-new studio album entitled ‘Ninja Tuna’, his first since Trouser Jazz in 2002, and early reviews are very positive and promising. I’m gonna be getting the album later on this week, to be honest I really can’t wait to hear it after re-discovering Mr Scruff’s previous two albums.… Read More

This season Tottenham have been wearing their black third kit in Europe and I must say I really like it. The shirt has provoked a mix response from Spurs fans as the colour black has nothing to do with Tottenham’s tradition or legacy, but I really think it’s a nice addition to the Puma range.… Read More

So the demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has been released on both Xbox Live and PS3 Network, and so far the demo is proving that Konami has actually put in a bit of effort this years edition by introducing some new features, and tweaks that should have happened years ago. The game play is… Read More