Well done Spurs! Although it wasn’t a convincing result (one own-goal for us, and a defensive slip-up leading to Krakow’s) goal, we are still though and that’s all that matters. Sounds like Bale played well, and Campbell was influential in getting the own-goal by Krakow. So this is a positive result, but I still think… Read More

Okay so winning the Carling Cup was great, just what Tottenham needed (not forgetting the 5-1 defeat of the Arscum), but Ramos has not actually been as effective as the media, and the fans may think. Last season, Ramos’ league win ratio was actually far worse than Martin Jol’s at any time.  This season is… Read More

Honestly this dude is insane!  How the hell does one teach his fingers to move that quick, at the same time thinking about three to four moves ahead in the game of Tetris. What is really impressive is the way he plays the game ‘blind’ towards the video – the landed blocks become invisible so… Read More

So we lost our  ‘must win game’ at Portsmouth today 2-0 which has mad some of the fans pretty angry and very frustrated.  Chants directed at Juande Ramos were harsh (“You don’t know what you’re doing”), but expected now that we have played six games and only got two points, which our our worst league… Read More

Star Wars is big – we all know that, but when it was combined with the power of the internet, all hell broke loss.  The internet has fulled Star Wars culture by allowing people to submit their own image creations that are based around George Lucas’ universe and characters. Here you will see some brilliant… Read More

If you didn’t know already, I’m a Spurs fan.  This Sunday we are playing Portsmouth at Fratton Park, and this is a game we must win if we are looking to improve on our pretty diabolical season so far.  Portsmouth have recently been whipped by Man City (6-0) and Chelsea (4-0) so they are currently… Read More

I’ve never had my own personal blog before so I thought it would be only right to get one now seeing that I write five other blogs. I’m going to be writing about things that interest me such as web design, football, technology, art, music, and cooking. So, without any more delay, I better go… Read More