Not long ago I posted that I wasn’t ranking #1 for my own name.  This was mainly due to a site with the domain being established for a few years, and Google has the tendancy to rank sites with the keyword as it’s domain very well.   

I just checked today and I now ranks number one for the keyword ‘william gardner‘.  Not that this is that important for me, or the site, but I am pleased since this was my own little personal SEO goal.

4 comments on “Personal victory – I rank #1 for my own name!

  • Nick – I managed to build quite a lot of ‘followed’ inbound links to my site, which the link anchor text as ‘William Gardner’.

    Most of these links came from blogs commenting like this, but I made sure most of them were ‘followed’ rather than ‘nofollowed’.

    In fact, prime example would be how my name above this comment is a link to my blog, and the anchor text is the keyword I was trying to rank for… Apart that comment links on my blog are not followed.

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