If you didn’t know already, I’m a Spurs fan.  This Sunday we are playing Portsmouth at Fratton Park, and this is a game we must win if we are looking to improve on our pretty diabolical season so far.  Portsmouth have recently been whipped by Man City (6-0) and Chelsea (4-0) so they are currently on a run of big losses, hopefully we can capitalise on this.

We need to win this game for a little bit of confidence around the players which will in turn help them to gel as a team unit.  With all the new summer signings we have become a team which is still figuring out how to play best, and it seems like it will take the entire first half of the season to achive this.

It will be nice to see old Spurs boy Jermaine Defoe playing who seems to be on pretty good form at the moment, hopefully Darren Bent can prove himself against Defoe by scoring a couple.

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