Okay so winning the Carling Cup was great, just what Tottenham needed (not forgetting the 5-1 defeat of the Arscum), but Ramos has not actually been as effective as the media, and the fans may think.

Last season, Ramos’ league win ratio was actually far worse than Martin Jol’s at any time.  This season is Tottenham’s worst start in 53 years.  Okay some silverware is good, and you can’t forget we played amazingly throughout the Carling Cup campaingn, but it seems that Ramos has not quite got his grip on getting out a good team, week in, week out, that can stand hard in the Premiership.

This season, Ramos is rotating players left right and centre, which is kinda ridiculous considering the team has not really put a convincing team performance out there yet, and the management is telling the ans it could take 12-15 weeks for the team to gel.

I think all Ramos needs is a bit of balls.  Why not stick two strikers upfront?  Why not play Bentley where he likes to play?  Why not make the defensive marking more tight?  ETC ETC ETC.

Come on Ramos – listen while everyone is being friendly, don’t become the next Christian GROSS (who actually has a better league win ratio than Ramos so far!)

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