If you have a personal blog or web page, you find it useful to link to any social media profiles that you have so that your readers can find you across other realms of the web. Well if your blog or web page is built in WordPress then an easy way to link to your social media profiles is by using the Social Media Plugin for WordPress by Philip Norton.

The plugin simple to install and requires you to put in your username only for each social media profile that you would like to display on your page. Fields are provided for pretty much every social media site on the web, including Facebook, Digg, Flikr etc. Once you have filed in your profile information, your list of social media profiles will be listed whether you put the defined HTML or your page, or alternatively just use the excellent widget.

You can see on the left that I am using the plugin displaying my Stumble, Digg, Last Fm, and ebay profile. I may add more profiles in the future, but to be honest these are the only ones I use a lot, and I like to keep my Facebook profile fairly private.

An awesome plugin that I recommend you give a whirl.

Download Social Media Plugin here.

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