So the demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has been released on both Xbox Live and PS3 Network, and so far the demo is proving that Konami has actually put in a bit of effort this years edition by introducing some new features, and tweaks that should have happened years ago.

The game play is good, slightly slower than PES 2008, with the ball and player physics feeling slightly heavier than before.  This means you get a more realistic feel from the game, and ultimately, something more rewarding.  Passing seems very accurate and shooting is more precise, but not any easier.  The goalies have improved slightly, but the ref hasn’t and will still yellow card you for a fair challenge.

I really can’t wait for the full game.  For more info check out Pro Evo News

3 comments on “The PES 2009 demo is pretty awesome

  • alright fella. hows it going. Gotta love pro evo. The new version is immense. Love the new shooting style. I need to play you at it. I am currently the office champ.

  • getting into this blog malarky aint ya mate. I hope you play as well as spurs these days as i would definately kick your ass lol. Its gonna be an immense game. We will have to get a pro evo session going.

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