I’ve had an iPhone for about three months now, and I can definitely say it’s the best gadget I’ve ever had and would never go back to any other mobile phone.

What interests me is how Apple have made some major flaws with the iPhone, and don’t appear bothered about fixing them.  No multimedia messaging, lame camera, and no video recording.  Most half-decent cell phones have a much better camera than the iphone, and video recording and MMS are just 2002 standard.

So, my wishes for 2009?  That some bright spark at Apple grants a lot of people’s wishes, and does the three following things…

  • Make the camera 5mb upwards – I really like how quick the iphone camera is, and browsing through photos on the handset is a joy thanks to the low filesize of each photo, but when you upload them to your computer they just look rubbish – in fact, 2002 rubbish.
  • Add video recording – The standard iphone has 8gb of storage – PLENTY of room to film and store the next happy slap viral.  No brainer.
  • Let iPhone users send picture messages! (MMS) – Do I need to go on?  No.

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