I’ve been to the Wild Garlic restaurant a total of 5-6 times now in the past two years and every time I’ve been the food has been amazing, and the staff wonderful.

Somehow Wild Garlic manage to make each meal feel very special and magical, half of this is down to the food itself, but the other half is how the staff treat you.

The restaurant manager has recently changed, and the new David is just as brilliant as the old David, if not even more slick on service.  David and Matt (head chef) recently helped me plan a birthday meal at the restaurant, and could not have been more helpful and enthusiastic about making the meal very special.

I really love my food, and every time I eat at Wild Garlic I’m always impressed by the menu, and blown away by the taste and textures of the dishes.  Standout dishes for me have been the pork belly main, and the liquorice crème brulee.  The menu is always changing so it’s worth checking out all year round.

Price wise you get what you pay for – quality all round.  I’m really glad they’ve started selling nice local bottled ales since the first time I visited they only sold bottled lager, and I usually like a beer as a welcoming drink.

Basically if you live within 50miles of this restaurant then make the effort to visit.  If you live within 10 miles and like exquisite food, then you really should have been here already.


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