In October 2009, chain off licence Threshers went into administration and closed all stores over the UK.  Thankfully, a few months ago, new off licence business ‘Nailsworth Wines and Spirits‘ opened up to fill the gap, taking over the old Threshers premises on Market Street, Nailsworth.

Nailsworth Wines & Spirits has since seemed to do very well since opening, and rightly so since they stock a massive range of rare, local, and organic beers and ciders.  They also stock a wines suiting every pocket, plus a good range of spirits.  A favourite of the locals are the local ciders which are sold by the container straight out of the barrel, meaning you can roughly get about 10 pints  of local quality cider for about 50p a pint!

Another thing, Nailsworth Wines & Spirits have kept on some of the original staff members from the old Threshers store, who are always friendly and up for a chuckle.

Just wanted to pass my best wishes on to the off licence, it’s good to see small retailers doing well around the local area.  I was getting very tired of having to buy alcohol from the local supermarkets where it is usually the same old stuff, and sometimes quite expensive.

Nailsworth Wine & Spirits:
5-6, Old Market, Nailsworth, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 0DU
Tel: 01453 834594

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